What is the minimum items that an employee needs?

1 - 2 shifts per week - We recommend 1 x tank or t-shift, 1 x leggings or shorts, 1 x crew or hoodie

3 shifts per week - We recommend 2 x tank or t-shift, 1 x leggings or shorts, 1 x crew or hoodie

4+ shifts per week - We recommend 2 x tank or t-shift, 2 x leggings or shorts, 1 x crew or hoodie

Do all employees need to wear the new uniform?

Yes, all employees from the 31st September need to wear the full KX uniform, that includes: Top, Jumper and Bottoms. Break down of expected change over dates:

31st July - All new employees must have new uniforms, this includes bottoms, top and jumpers.

31st July - All existing employees must wear KX branded leggings or shorts.

31st September - All employees must wear full new KX Uniform, including top, bottoms and jumpers

What material is used for the garments?

Each item has been carefully designed for KX, to optimise comfort and performance. In the shop under each item is a full breakdown of the material.

I don't know what sizes my team will need? 

As we have designed and developed the uniform from scratch, the size chart that is displayed for each item is accurate. Please refer to this when purchasing.

Can I return items?

Yes, please refer to the Returns & Refunds page of the website.

I can't see any items displayed on the website?

You will need to login, using your studio email address. If you do not know your password, please select the Forgot Password option.

What are the shipping costs?

We use DHL and Australia Post to ship items to you. Shipping is calculated on the size, weight and delivery location of your order. Costs will be displayed on the website at the Check Out point. 

Can I purchase and brand my own clothing items?

No, we have designed this range to create a professional, consistent approach across the KX Network. It is important for brand recognition both in the studio and whilst our teams are out in the community.

My trainers get cold, what do they wear?

We have designed both the crew and hoodie as a unisex loose fit. This gives trainers the opportunity to lay up underneath the jumper to stay warm.

Can trainers purchase additional items themselves?

Yes, trainers can purchase items themselves, however this is something you will need to arrange directly with them.

Do you offer buy now, pay later?

No, at this stage we do not offer this payment option.

How can I contact customer service?

For all enquries regarding apparel & merchandise, please contact our friendly team by emailing